Garbage Disposal and Septic Tanks

Customers in rural areas frequently ask,”Can I install a disposer when I’m on a septic tank?”

They are concerned that the output of the disposer is going to clog up the septic tank. Such concerns are unwarranted.

Encourage the installation of a new disposer. Use the following information to convince a skeptical customer.

It is true that food particles add more work to the decaying process taking place in the tank. But a properly used disposer adds only the equivalent of an additional powder room to the loading on the septic tank.

To minimize the additional loading, advise the customer to remove the bulk of the food debris from the sink before flushing the remnants down the disposer. Use the disposer as a cleanup tool rather than a trash can. Continuous flushing of all the cooking debris will certainly clog up the tank and often the plumbing.

A septic tank in good condition can handle the additional load with no problem